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    GPS in Geophysics

      The GPS velocity viewer A digital tool to show a map view of the speed and direction of points on the Earth's surface, caused by tectonic (geological) motions, as measured by high-precision GPS instruments. This also can show tectonic plate boundaries, volcano locations, and historic earthquake locations. This is the smallest, and most successful, software project I did at UNAVCO.

      GNSS Quality Analysis Plotting programs Anubisplot and teqcplot.py. If you work with GNSS and GPS high precision observations, RINEX files, and teqc or Anubis, you may find these useful. If these words puzzle you, just forget it. I did this for my personal interest without UNAVCO support.

      Vertical crustal velocities in the western US from GPS. An early research report attempting to estimate crustal vertical uplift rates from GPS data, in 2011, when such measurements were just beginning to emerge from the noise. The results are interesting and plausible. Maps of data were made with the UNACO IDV, and objective analysis (gridding) was computed inside the IDV.

    Weather forecasts by computer

    Designing a Sundial for Clock Time.   How you can design a sundial for any location, which gives clock time correct to a minute or two.


Traditional Sail Boats

The Wier Tartan     Pat Wier's Tartan No. 1



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      My reports on the native trees of Colorado have about as much demand as everything else put together.
      The most significant items published here are the original investigations in the history of technology: "Construction of Egyptian Old Kingdom Pyramids", "Superbly Small: Alberto Santos-Dumont and his Demoiselle Airplanes", "The Design of Jules Verne's Submarine Nautilus," and "The Firearms of Lewis and Clark."

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